Agencies & Agents - What is the advantage of BCC?

11-15-2018 18:00

BC.C gives you the ability to expose your Models to the fashion and entertainment industry by giving you an online platform that displays your Models on an international level.

Upload your Models on BC.C by creating their new BC.C profiles: the name of you, as Agency or Agent, will be displayed as the contact for each Model profile that you upload.

Displayed in this way, each time a Client selects a Model of yours, and decides to click “Booking info” on his/her profile, will see that he/she belongs to your Agency or, as an alternative, your name as Agent whom refer to.

Moreover, every Client’s booking request email will arrive in your inbox and your inbox only. That’s how BC.C provides to you control over the management of your Models.

Plus, through BC.C you can grow your professional contacts by being given access to Clients in BC.C’s worldwide network, and create fashion/entertainment business relationships and correspondence with immediate feedbacks.

BC.C it’s global, free, fast and 24/7.

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