Agencies & Agents - How do I work through BCC?

04-03-2020 17:01

As Agency or Agent, or aspiring one, you can work through BC.C by:

- uploading your Models;

- searching for new ones.

1) To upload your Models

Create new BC.C Model profile for each Model of yours by adding:

- one cover photo -> in the “Cover” area (this pic is really important, because this one will appear in the Search lists. Don’t forget it);

- portfolio images -> in the “Book” area;

- digitals -> in the “Polaroid” area;

- video -> in the “Video” area;

- data and specs -> in the “More” area;

- the availability field -> switch the upper right button of the Model’s profile from “Not Available” (red colored button) to “Available” (green colored button).

Remember to update your Models profiles and eventually change the availability field as “Available” or “Not Available”, based on your Models’ calendar commitments.

2) To do some Models scouting: search for new talents through BC.C registered Models. You can filter your search based on specific criteria, if you want to scout Models with particular features. You can also search without any specific filters applied, if you are searching for Models with no particular characteristics. Read below to see how to make your BC.C Model searches.

How do I search for a Model: “Search”

Go to the “Search” area and select all the required filters, which are:

1. Gender -> Men Models or Women Models;

2. Current Location -> where the model is located at the present moment. This field is maintained by the responsible party of the Model profile (responsible parties include Agency or Agent, if the Model is represented, the Model himself/herself, if he/she is a BookingCasting Model); 3. Measurement Status -> Verified or Not Verified. These choices differentiate between Model’s measurements that are reliable or not reliable.

Confirm the obligatory fields just mentioned.

The following page after required fields permits you to select also the fields that apply to your project that you prefer but are not necessary to perform a search. Here you can make your search more specific by adding choices from non-required fields. You can confirm your search (based on the obligatory fields only) by clicking on “View Models”; otherwise, add new filters and then click “Apply filters” and repeat “View Models”. A list of Model’s profiles will be displayed based on the filters you added.

Remember: if you are not satisfied with your research results, you can refine it by adding, changing or deleting your filters. You can also delete all the non-required filters by clicking on the “Reset” button. Please keep in mind that, the more narrow you make your search, the more limited your results.  If you are not finding what you are looking for remove some non-required filters and your list of available Models will increase.

The Results: Models Profiles

The result of your search will provide a list of Models according to the filters you applied. Now you can scroll through the results and:

- Like the profiles by clicking the “Like” button;

- Add any profiles to your “Favorites” area by clicking the “Favorite” button. Upon doing this your candidates in this section will be saved for future engagement and/or give you the ability to create a package to send to another party (just click on “Share” to send one, some or all of your favorite Models via email);

- Open a single profile by clicking on the “View profile” button for any particular Model in the list of results.

How do I contact/engage the Model?  “Booking Info” button

Do you want to contact a Model or acquire more information about him/her? Open his/her profile by clicking on the “View profile” button, then click “Booking info”. At this point, a box will appear showing you:

1) the name of the Model and, if applicable, by whom he/she is represented which can be under the following categories:

a) Agency

b) Agent

c) BookingCasting

2) the Promo Code to benefit of the discretionary discount established by the Agency or the Agent of reference;

3) fields to specify, if you want, dates and type of the job;

4) field box to write a message and share more info related to the project and/or to request further information about your chosen Model.

Press “Send”. The message will be sent to:

a) his/her Agency, if the Model has one;

b) his/her Agent, if the Model has one;

c) to BookingCasting, in case of a BookingCasting Model.

As an Agency or Agent, you will receive the Customer's message in your inbox via BC.C. Now you can begin your professional conversation and reach a final agreement.

Note: BC.C will not be included in these correspondences, and will not be privy to any confidential or contractual information.

The “Favorite” Models

As we mentioned before, BC.C gives to its Client the opportunity to have a special section in the website dedicated to their favorite Models: they can add any Model to the “Favorite” section by clicking on the “Favorite” button that appears next to each Model’s profile in the list of the research results. In the “Favorite” area of the menu, there will be all the Models marked as “favorite”.

In this page, the Client can select as many profiles as he/she wants and forward them via email.

Model Measurement Status

BC.C provides a service that is very varied and specific at once: every BC.C user can search for its perfect Model basing on every business exigency, thanks to the “Search” filters.            

A BC.C special filter is the Model Measurement Status, which corresponds to the “Measurements” field. 

This one, gives another important possibility to widen up or narrow the research with two selectable options: “Verified” Models, with accurate measurements, and “Not Verified” ones, with pending measurements.

Remember that in the first filtering shift of the research, this filter is obligatory, and in the second one is facultative. It means that in the first filtering page, the three field of “Gender, “Current Location” and “Measurements” reports a red asterisk that notifies they are obligatory. In the following page, that is the second filtering page, “Gender” and “Current Location” filters maintain their red star, but the “Measurements” option becomes facultative.

That’s why, in this second filtering shift, you can erase the filter or select both “Verified” and “Not Verified” options: in this way, your research will show you both Verified and Not Verified Models.

>> Please note that Models who belong to Agencies are naturally Verified. Models represented by Agents or by BookingCasting have not necessarily reliable measurements; it depends on the fact that they have or have not not been verified by a BC.C Agency partner or by BC.C staff professional.

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