Agencies & Agents - Do I have to pay BC.C?

02-01-2019 10:20

BC.C is a, totally free of charge, online platform.

BC.C guarantees to its Clients a Promo Code, a dicretionary discount which is a BC.C exclusive asset compared to what the traditional fashion business offers.

Agencies and Agents compensate for this discount by having the ability to represent more Models on an international level simultaneously. As well as acquiring more Clients on a global scale, expanding the range of business opportunities, collaborations, and maximizing your ability to have your Models booked.

BC.C suggests you to get the “All Around” system, a management software that absorbs your professional business website and creates a well-organized and simple approach to your daily work. It includes: business calendar with castings and jobs, online Models books and Models data. All this neatly organized and filed in your All Around.

Getting the All Around system means a simpler daily working life: your Agency or Agent activity will be easier and well-organized. But there is more.

Also your BookingCasting experience will be smarter: All Around links automatically to your BC.C account. In this way, every photo update of your Models, every casting or job-day that you manage on your All Around for your daily Agency or Agent activity, will be automatically communicated to your BC.C activity (e.g.: if you report your Model as “Not available” in your All Around, this information will be communicated immediately to your BC.C profile).

All Around system is completely free of charge.

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