Models - What is BCC?

01-07-2019 11:06

BC.C is a cost-free worldwide Model search engine.

It is a virtual platform that works as a point of meeting between Clients, Model Agencies, Agents and Models.

Models, professional or aspiring ones, use BC.C to have global exposure to the fashion and entertainment industry professionals. Models who are not or does not want to be represented by Agencies or Agents, can use BC.C to promote themselves as BookingCasting Models, having direct professional relationships with worldwide Clients; or again, they can use BC.C as a big opportunity to be visible worldwide and get scouted by Model Agencies from all over the world.

BC.C classifies “Verified” and “Not Verified” Models: it is a useful differentiation for BC.C users who need to be sure of the Model’s measurements. If they need to search for specific and accurate sizes, they will search among the “Verified” Models, whose measurements have been officially checked for accuracy (see more on “What are “Verified” and “Not Verified” Models?” relative FAQ).

BookingCasting provides to its Clients a discretionary discount called "Promo Code":  the Agency or the Agent that will receive a booking request via BC.C, will decide the effective extent of it.

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