Models - How do I work through BCC?

01-04-2019 19:06

As a Model, you can begin to work with through BC.C by creating your own profile, that will be your professional self promoting marketing tool to acquire work.

You only have to register on BC.C as an “Aspiring Model” and when the system asks you to, upload:

- one cover photo -> in the “Cover” area (this pic is really important, because this one will appear in the Search lists. Don’t forget it);

- portfolio images -> in the “Book” area;

- digitals -> in the “Polaroid” area;

- video -> in the “Video” area;

- data and specs -> in the “More” area;

- the availability field -> switch the upper right button of your profile from “Not Available” (red colored button) to “Available” (green colored button).

Remember to update your profile and eventually change the availability field as “Available” or “Not Available”, based on your commitments.

Model Measurement Status

BC.C provides a service that is very varied and specific at once: every BC.C user can search for its perfect Model basing on every business exigency, thanks to the “Search” filters.

A BC.C special filter is the Model Measurement Status, which corresponds to the “Measurements” field.                                                                                   

This one, gives another important possibility to widen up or narrow the research with two selectable options: “Verified” Models, with accurate measurements, and “Not Verified” ones, with pending measurements. Remember that in the first filtering shift of the research, this filter is obligatory, and in the second one is facultative.        

It means that in the first filtering page, the three field of “Gender, “Current Location” and “Measurements” reports a red asterisk that notifies they are obligatory. In the following page, that is the second filtering page, “Gender” and “Current Location” filters maintain their red star, but the “Measurements” option becomes facultative.                                     

That’s why, in this second filtering shift, you can erase the filter or select both “Verified” and “Not Verified” options: in this way, your research will show you both Verified and Not Verified Models.

>> Please note that Models who belong to Agencies are naturally Verified. Models represented by Agents or by BookingCasting have not necessarily reliable measurements; it depends on the fact that they have or have not not been verified by a BC.C Agency partner or by BC.C staff professional. 

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