Models - Who are “Verified” and “Not Verified” models?

01-04-2019 19:07

 BC.C differentiates between “Verified” and “Not Verified” Models: BC.C wants to inform its users which Models measurements are reliable, and which may not be. “Reliable” measurements are measurements that have been checked by BC.C recognized institutions which include:

- BC.C staff in the two headquarters located in New York and Milan;

- BC.C Model Agency partners (visible on the “Advertising” page). Those entities take full responsibility for the Verification of their Models: if a Not Verified Model comes to be verified by a BC.C Agency partner, the Agency have to communicate it to by sending an official email to BC.C.

The Verification Status is clearly reported on each Model’s profile with a “Verified” or “Not Verified” symbol.

In this way, BC.C guarantees:

- safety to the BC.C users that need to search models with accurate measurements;

- the widest range of Models able to be selected by users that do not depend on accurate measurements.

>> Please, note that Agency-represented Models, results necessarily as “Verified”: Models that are Agent or BookingCasting represented, can be Verified or not, independently of the fact they are professional Models or aspiring ones.

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